Best of the Best... Always


The official Surf affiliate serving the entirety of South Bay San Diego territory down to Baja California.

South Bay Surf strives to create the “Best of the Best” opportunities and experiences for player within all levels and age groups. We support our players and staff with the necessary tools in order to reach excellence in every aspect, including top notch training facilities, events, and access to the best local, regional, national and international competition.

Following a possession and position based soccer methodology is our top priority. Every South Bay Surf team plays following the same concepts in order for our coaches to develop smart players. We focus on promoting values for the youth to become better footballers and human beings.


As an official partner of Surf Soccer Nation, South Bay Surf is dedicated to offering the “Best of the Best” in youth soccer experiences, offering players top-level events, facilities, coaching, recruiting, travel opportunities, and much more

The South Bay Surf program develop players from the early years all the way up through high school. Whether playing with other Surf Soccer programs or in Surf Soccer tournaments in front of college scouts and coaches, South Bay Surf offers aspiring footballers all the tools necessary to go as far as the footballer would like to go.